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Careers Opportunities with C Three Logistics

Enjoy competitive pay—and countless other benefits.


Working in the transportation and logistics industry is a rewarding career, especially when you work for C Three Logistics.

Our rapid growth presents an outstanding opportunity for drivers. C Three Logistics is a company that respects their drivers and shows it by providing:

C Three Logistics is a family business that values our employees. We understand your need for a work/life balance while building a successful career. Because our service area is so large, C Three Logistics drivers can live anywhere within that service area. That makes it easier to maintain the driver/family life balance.

We are a 21st-century business in many ways. One important way is how we see our workplace. Technology makes it possible for us to be connected with our drivers 24/7, so we can provide support and ensure that deliveries are done safely and on time.

You’ll be working with a management team who have been drivers, too. They know the work you’re doing because they’ve done it. That’s why we keep the lines of communications open. You can even talk with the owners!

If you would rather print and mail your application you can download the form here.

Your application will NOT be considered eligible for review until all three forms remaining noted—and linked—below are also completed and submitted.

Employment Application (Below)
PSP Consent Form (Pre-Employment Screening)
MVR Release Form (Check of Driving Record)

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