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C Three Logistics’ Operations

When you need your materials delivered, we’ll be there!

our operations

Since 2017, C Three Logistics has been providing businesses like yours dependable, safe logistics and transportation services for a wide range of hazardous materials.

We now serve much of the Northeastern Corridor, Ohio Valley, Mid Atlantic and the Southern United States, with a service area that covers from Boston south to Florida, and west to Indiana and Texas.

What are C Three Logistics available transport services?

Propane, Butane, and Propylene. Demand for these liquefied petroleum gases continues to grow in both residential and commercial applications. We have 150 MC311 tankers strategically placed in Maryland, Ohio, and New York.

Chemical Hauling. We have drivers and owners/operators dedicated to chemical hauling services. All are trained and experienced in the latest safety protocols.

Anhydrous Ammonia. C Three Logistics offers a separate fleet for anhydrous ammonia transport and delivery.

Distillates. We have 14 gasoline transport tankers and provide seasonal and non-seasonal options.

Van Division. If you are looking to transport non-liquid materials, we have you covered with our van transport services.

Flatbed Division. We’re locally staged to meet customers’ needs for strapped or chained loads transportation.

Liquid Asphalt. Our specialized tankers and experienced drivers make sure your paving material is properly and safely delivered.

How does C Three Logistics stand out?

Safety. The safe transport and delivery of your hazardous materials is at the heart of everything we do at C Three Logistics.

Training. Our team is trained to meet the highest standards for safety, as well as in the latest technology that allows even greater safety and efficiency.

Communications. We employ state-of-the-art technology and software that keeps us in 24/7 communication with our drivers to provide support, allows for 24-hour dispatch with a fast response time, and lets our customers get real-time load and transport information along with immediate invoicing.

Location. C Three Logistics is based in Newfield, New Jersey, near major ports and distribution centers for all the materials we transport. Our location allows us faster and more responsive transportation and logistics services.

If you’re ready for 21st-century transportation and logistics services with old-school courtesy and responsiveness, make C Three your transportation and logistics company. Contact us today to learn more about us and our services.