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Propane Transport Services

C Three is your full-service logistics and transport company for propane, butane and propylene.

propane butane

With demand growing for propane, butane and propylene, you need a logistics and transport company you can count on. C Three Logistics is that company.

C Three Logistics has the people and the technology that gets your fuel where you need it when you need it. We have 150 MC331 tankers, strategically placed in Maryland, Ohio, and New York.

We have local and long-distance drivers, and all of them are not only cross-trained between commodities but are also certified drivers with CETP training.

We use cutting-edge technology and software to maintain contact with our drivers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing us to offer assistance, dispatch with a quick response time, and provide you with real-time load and transport information as well as immediate invoicing.


Propane is becoming an increasingly popular fuel for both residential and commercial applications. Propane gas is becoming increasingly popular among homebuyers for its energy efficiency and the amenities it provides, such as gas cooking and fireplaces. Propane is being used in homes instead of electricity or oil for home heating. Businesses are using propane for generators, forklifts, commercial mowers, vehicles, and more.

propane butane

The demand for propane in the United States is predicted to reach more than 10 billion gallons per year by 2025. C Three Logistics’ propane trucking services make sure your demand is met.


While butane may most commonly be known for its use in lighters for your grill or candles, it has a wide range of applications. It is added to gasoline to improve engine performance while not dramatically increasing volatility. It is also used in refrigeration and heating systems and as a propellant for aerosol sprays.


Propylene has many uses. It is used in high-velocity oxygen fuel applications and in refrigeration. It is also used to create acetone and polypropylene plastics.

When it comes to butane, propylene, and propane transport companies, C Three stands far above the rest. Get in touch with us to find out more about our logistics and transport services for your business.