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Asphalt Transport Services

Trust C3 Logistics As Your Asphalt Trucking Company

asphalt transport service

Since 2017, C3 Logistics has been providing dependable, safe transport of a wide range of hazardous materials—and liquid asphalt is one of our newest services.

C3 Logistics transports and delivers liquid asphalt to businesses such as paving companies, commercial landscapers, waterproofing businesses, and municipalities and states for highway and roadway construction, repair, and maintenance.

C3 Logistics asphalt transport services

What kind of tanker is required to haul liquid asphalt?

Liquid asphalt is a by-product of crude oil refining. Asphalt is the heaviest part of crude oil. It is sticky and is either viscous or semi-solid.

There are several different types of asphalt. Liquid asphalt is the common name for cutback and emulsified asphalts. Cutback asphalt is used in pavement maintenance, construction, and cold-chip patching. Emulsified asphalt is used in several ways, including pavement repair and construction.

Because liquid asphalts must be kept at the delivery temperature, they need specialized tankers that are insulated, and have heating coils, pipes, and transfer racks.

The C3 Logistics difference

Safety is at the heart of all transport services C3 Logistics provides. Staff understand the needs of our customers when it comes to delivering asphalt to their location. Each of our asphalt transport drivers have tanker certification on their commercial driver’s licenses and are all thoroughly trained in how to transport asphalt safely.

We’re located in Newfield, NJ, near many major ports and distribution centers, making delivery to you fast and easy.

Our experience in logistics means we’ll make sure you get your liquid asphalt goes directly to your site as quickly and efficiently as safely possible.

C3 Logistics has invested in the latest technology and software so that we can be in 24/7 communication with our drivers, provide 24-hour dispatch with a prompt response time and stay in touch with our customers so they receive real-time load and transport information as well as immediate invoicing.

Contact C3 Logistics for more information about our asphalt transport services.