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What Are Benefits of a Dedicated Fleet Service

Written on: August 15, 2022

Put C3 Logistics to Work for You!

dedicated logisticsAre you considering adding a private fleet for your business? That’s a major investment of time, money, and resources.

There is an alternative that makes sense for your business in terms of cost, efficiency, and your company’s growth. Dedicated fleet services from C3 Logistics gives you all the benefits of a private fleet and so much more.

Using C3 Logistics to handle your hazardous materials transport is a great choice—it’s as simple as that. We transport a wide range of hazardous materials, including:

We also offer van and flatbed transport services, too.

Here are some of the other benefits of using C3 Logistics for your dedicated fleet service needs.

Decades of Industry Expertise

Our leadership has more than three decades of experience in the transport industry. We understand the needs of businesses such as yours and have the knowledge and insights that enable us to provide customized dedicated fleet service for you.

Cost Effectiveness

Having a private fleet means investing a lot of money up-front for purchasing the vehicles. Then comes maintenance, insurance, and other ancillary costs. By using a dedicated fleet service from C3 Logistics, we handle all that, so your transport needs are met now—and in the future—with a company fully dedicated and invested in our craft.

An Arsenal of Logistics Resources

There’s more to dedicated fleet service than just the trucks. Using C3 Logistics for your dedicated fleet service also puts our skilled team of drivers, dispatchers, mechanics, and logistics experts to work for your transport needs. You can focus on your business and not be distracted by all the work of managing a private fleet.

C3 Logistics also provides the technology to keep us in 24/7 contact with our drivers. This communication allows us to effectively manage their route on the fly—to help our drivers avoid traffic and keep your transport schedule on time. We also use that technology to keep in touch with you about the status of all your transports, no matter where across the country they’re headed next.

Limitless Scalability

If you have a private fleet and ambitious growth goals, you’ll have to sink more money into expanding your fleet. That can stretch your financial and personnel resources thin. C3 Logistics has a sizable fleet right at hand so we can quickly grow your dedicated services in scale with your business objectives.

Do you have questions about C3 Logistics’ fleet services? Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you answer them.

Since 2016, C3 Logistics has been delivering fuels and chemicals all over the Mid-Atlantic Region and have expanded our services into the Southern, Midwestern, and Northeastern United States.