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Summer Safety Tips & Best Practices for Truck Drivers

Written on: May 23, 2022

Get Your Job Done Efficiently and Safely

truck driving logisticsC3 Logistics helps drivers navigate the challenges that transporting in the summer can bring, such as dealing with heat, road construction, and traffic amongst countless other variables.

We are in constant contact with our drivers, making sure that they’re safely and efficiently getting hazardous materials where they’re needed. Our dedication to safety is why drivers and customers trust us above the rest of the competition.

For drivers, we’ve put together these tips so they can navigate the summer season in safety and comfort and with as little aggravation as possible.

Route Planning

Planning is essential to a safe, efficient transport job, and it helps to put the internet to work for you in a few ways.

  1. First, check the weather for where you’ll be driving. Keep an eye out for potential storms, flooding, or severe weather moving through like tornadoes, hurricanes, and tropical storms. Develop a backup plan or alternate route in case those situations present themselves.
  2. Road construction projects can also impact the safety and length of your transport. Go to each state’s Department of Transportation website and see if there are projects on your planned route. This allows you to plan your drive so that you avoid these areas during rush hour or plan an alternate route in case you hit delays. While planning an alternate route, make sure commercial vehicles are permitted on it.
  3. More people are on the road in the summer. If you’re going to be near an area popular with tourists, plan for at least a one-hour delay because of increased traffic. Tools such as Google Maps can help pull this information in real-time during your drive.
  4. As always, a pre-trip inspection of your truck is essential. Don’t forget to top off your coolant and check that your truck’s air conditioning system is in good running order to avoid lengthy delays.
  5. When packing for your trip, choose clothes that are all natural fibers such as cotton as they are more breathable and help keep you cool in hot weather. Make sure you have quality sunglasses that are polarized and/or have an anti-reflective coating to help fight glare. Wraparound sunglasses give you a wider and unobstructed field of view. Sunglasses that are tinted brown or amber work in both bright sunlight and cloudy conditions. Keep a spare pair or two in the glove compartment in case you lose them.

Important Notes During the Trip

Hot weather can be dangerous for drivers. One important way to protect yourself is to stay hydrated. Skip sodas and limit coffee and other caffeinated drinks. Instead, drink lots of water or sports drinks.

Nutrition is also important in hot weather. Choose lean grilled or baked meats over fried food and make sure to get plenty of vegetables and fruits in your meals. Have snacks like fresh fruit and nuts instead of candy and chips on hand. Be careful of overeating as that can give you an upset stomach when it’s hot outside.

Heat can take a toll on your body, both driving and when you’re loading or unloading your truck. Rest is even more essential so you can focus on operating your truck safely. Get at least seven hours of sleep, stick to a consistent schedule, and go to sleep and get up at the same time each day.

If you are feeling the effects of the heat, pull over or stop work. Get to a cooled or shaded area and drink fluids until you feel better.

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