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Comprehensive Transportation Services

Written on: June 20, 2022

No Matter What You Need to Transport, You Can Count on Us

product transport eastern united statesWhen it comes to transporting fuels, chemicals, and other hazardous materials, you need a company that does more than basic transporting.

C3 Logistics is that company. We have the knowledge that comes with years of experience, the team, and the equipment needed to transport your hazardous materials safely and expertly. Here’s what we transport:

We also provide van and flatbed transport services, too.

Because we’re a family business, you get the personal attention your business needs—and deserves. Here are just some of the ways C3 Logistics stands out when it comes to our transport services.

Consistent, Reliable Communication

It starts with our communication with you. We make sure we are informed on every aspect of your transportation project.

Once our transport of your materials begins, we use the latest technology and software to be in touch with our drivers 24/7. One way this helps is with efficient transport. We can dispatch any time of day, or night. We provide support for the drivers, helping them navigate around accidents, traffic, and other factors that could delay their delivery.

Because we’re in touch with our drivers, you get real-time loading information, updates en route, delivery notifications, and instant invoicing.

Steadfast Commitment to Safe Practices

Every single C3 Logistics driver has successfully completed Certified Employee Training Program training and is thoroughly vetted before joining our team.

Our dedication to safe transport includes our vehicles as well. Our fleet is carefully inspected before and after each transport. We also use our communication technology to make sure our vehicles are being operated safely.

We’re Always Close By

With our headquarters being in Newfield, NJ, we’re in the heart of distribution services. We’re right near many of the major ports and distribution centers of the Mid-Atlantic Seaboard, connecting us to the heart of New England, the Midwest, and Southern states.

That means we can be responsive in a way other transport companies can’t. Thanks to our central location and our 24/7 communications, we can be on the job quickly and get your delivery on its way to you before other companies can dispatch a truck.

C Three Logistics has the knowledge, skills, and experience to handle all your logistics and transportation needs. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can serve your business.