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Transportation vs. Logistics: What’s the Difference?

Written on: July 18, 2022

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Transportation and logistics are two essential parts of the process in getting goods from their point of origin to consumers.

Very often, they’re lumped together…but they are noticeably different elements of a good business in our industry. With C3 Logistics, you get a logistics and transportation provider that has the knowledge, experience, and qualified team that can get both jobs done effectively, so you can be confident that your hazardous materials will be transported with precision and ease each and every time.

Let’s break down the responsibilities managed by logistics and transportation, and how they work together to maximize productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Understanding Logistics

Logistics is the work of planning the packing, transport, and distribution of materials and products. It’s not just packing up and shipping and shipping goods.

Planning is at the foundation of logistics work. Our logistics team plans for the volume of hazardous materials being transported, the delivery route—considering roads and parkways that do not allow hazardous material transport—risk mitigation, other regulations, and insurance.

It’s not just enough to have a logistics plan for delivery. Weather, vehicle issues, and more necessitate having a backup plan. The logistics team needs to have the skills and agility to anticipate and solve transport problems.

At C3 Logistics, we put technology to work to enhance our logistics. We are in 24-hour contact with our drivers, so we’re able to inform each other about any issues and work out solutions in real-time.

Analysis is another critical task in logistics to optimize service. Our technology allows us to measure our results, get feedback, and use that data to continuously improve our logistics and transportation work.

Understanding Transportation

As with logistics, there’s much more to transport than many realize. It’s not just driving a truck from point A to point B.

The transport team works with the logistics team to plan transport routes and backup routes. It is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of trucks, making sure they are safe to operate on the road.

The transportation leader also manages driver training and scheduling so drivers can follow regulations including drive time and safety and be up to date on skills.

Remember what we said about our C3 team being in 24-hour contact with our drivers? That contact also means that you’ll know in real-time exactly where your delivery is—and how soon you can expect it to arrive.

Get the most reliable transportation and logistics services around by choosing C3 as your preferred partner. Contact C3 Logistics today and we’ll get to work for you.

Based in New Jersey, C Three Logistics is near major ports and distribution centers. We safely and efficiently haul hazardous materials to the Mid-Atlantic Region and beyond into New England, the Midwest, and Southern states. We specialize in local and long-distance transport of hazardous materials, including propane, butane, propylene, chemicals, anhydrous ammonia, and distillates.