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What Happens During HAZMAT Emergency Response?

Written on: July 10, 2023

C Three Logistics puts safety first

hazmat response team mid-atlantic When it comes to transporting hazardous materials (HAZMATs), it is important that the company you entrust with this service is well-versed in regulations and standards when it comes to those materials and the safe transport of them.

That’s where the knowledge and experience of C Three Logistics comes in. Hazardous materials transport is the only thing we do. Every one of our drivers is trained, certified, licensed, and experienced.

It is also important that you know what is involved in the rare event of a HAZMAT emergency. So, we’ve assembled information that will help you better understand what is involved in HAZMAT emergency response.

What is a HAZMAT emergency?

A hazardous materials emergency refers to any event where hazardous materials are released and can cause harm to people and the environment.

Common examples of HAZMAT emergencies include:

What is involved in a HAZMAT emergency response?

In the cases of HAZMAT transport, the driver will follow safety best practices and get a safe distance away and call 911 with complete and accurate information about their location and the nature of the situation, then attempt to isolate the spill or discharge of the hazardous materials.

The first responders will take over from there, establishing safety zones. These zones, which are individualized for each material, aim to prevent workers or equipment from spreading hazardous substances from contaminated areas to clean areas accidentally.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that it receives about 12 reports of hazardous materials releases each day. Most of the time, the person or company responsible for the release is the one reporting it. The other cases tend to be reported by local first responders on the scene.

The EPA has well-established procedures for HAZAMAT emergency response. The goal is to investigate the site and situation, evaluate the threat the emergency poses, and come up with a response plan rooted in safety for the public as well as those on the scene.

An on-scene coordinator (OSC) is a federal official who oversees and manages the responses to hazardous substance releases (as well as oil spills) that are reported to the government. They work together with local, state, and regional response teams to coordinate all federal efforts and provide necessary support and information.

These OSCs are either from the EPA or the U.S. Coast Guard, depending on the location of the incident. They will assess the situation and determine whether federal assistance is needed to get the situation under control.

Cleanup of a HAZMAT spill or discharge is handled by professionals, either governmental or a business, that is specialized in that material.

If you are in the area of a hazamat emergency, has assembled tips for what to do.

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